York ENT Receives Exceptional Ratings by Press Ganey

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Over the last year, York ENT Surgical Consultants has been consistently high in overall performance of medical practice, based on Press Ganey’s report ratings. With a 95% average rating in overall performance, York ENT is proud of their continued success. The Press Ganey survey questions range from “provider accessibility” topics to “visit-related outcomes” as well as “general staff and provider care” questions.

View the chart below showing quarters 3 & 4 of 2013 and the first 2 quarters of 2014…

Screen Shot 2014-08-05 at 11.53.40 PM

Press Ganey’s mission is to help medical practices deliver high-quality, efficient care and improve the patient experience. They capture the voice of the patient through survey analytics in order for medical practices to better understand their clinical, operational, financial and experiential outcomes.

York ENT takes tremendous pride in gaining a deeper understanding of their outcomes. Equally rewarding is the loyalty and trust built with their patients. Together, we are able to make great strides toward providing the best possible patient experience.