nose-sinusNasal polyps, nosebleeds and sinusitis are just a few nasal and sinus problems that can occur in both children and adults.  Occasionally, these problems can be symptoms of other conditions like allergies an deviated septums.

If you are experiencing nose discomfort, changes, chronic bleeding or loss of smell, you should seek out a qualified otolaryngologist (ENT).

The otolaryngologits at York ENT Surgical Consultants, Hinsdale, IL, has been treating nose and sinus conditions for more than 40 years and is experienced in diagnosis, treatment and performing surgery when necessary.  Learn about a variety of nose and sinus disorders in this section and what the York ENT team can do to evaluate and treat these problems.  Contact him to discuss your situation.

To schedule a convenient appointment at York ENT to discuss your nose or sinus condition or concern, please call:   630-654-1391 (Hinsdale office) or 630-759-0065 (Bolingbrook).