The York ENT doctors and our audiology staff offer a variety of aids to help patients preserve and protect their hearing:

Hearing Protection:

hearing testChronic noise induced hearing loss is permanent; the use of these protective devices is recommended for anyone at risk of noise exposure. Patients can be fitted with custom hearing protection to guard their ears against the harmful effects of noise, whether it is related to on the job noise exposure, recreational activities such as shooting and hunting, loud music, or automobile racing. These custom plugs can be made with or without filters, offering further versatility for use by musicians or office workers.

Swim Molds:

Custom swim molds are recommended not only for swimmers with recurrent outer ear infections but also for a variety of patient needs including those with tympanostomy tubes (ear tubes), perforated eardrums, or open mastoid cavities. In approximately five minutes, these custom ear pieces are created and ready to use within the same office visit. They fit naturally and perfectly, and protect swimmers of all ages by keeping water out of the ears.

DSC_7301_00097191-300x199Hearing Aids:

A hearing aid is a device which fits in or behind the ear to amplify and modulate sounds and improve hearing. In general, they work by collecting sounds through a microphone, amplifying the signal, and transmitting it to the ear. Most hearing aids currently utilize digital technology to tailor the frequencies of amplification to the individual patient’s audiogram. In keeping up with these technological advances, we offer a wide variety of digital hearing aids suitable for an individual’s hearing needs and budget. The decision to aid one or both ears is made by the audiologist and the patient and is based upon the severity and nature of the hearing loss. Patients who suffer a loss in only one ear are able to aid that side alone. However, for those with hearing loss in both ears, amplification is recommended for each side in order to provide a more effective and balanced sense of hearing.

Often people are confused about the procedure for obtaining and using a hearing aid. At York ENT Surgical Consultants, the audiologists help patients choose the appropriate hearing aid for their hearing loss and lifestyle, and show them how to use and care for their hearing aid. The audiologists work closely with patients and family members to achieve the maximum benefit possible. This may include any of the following:

  • Educating patients on their hearing loss and the different types and levels of appropriate technology available to them
  • Fitting hearing aids and assistive listening devices and instructing patients on the hearing aids’ use, care, and maintenance
  • Offering patients feature matching tools such as blue tooth compatible devices, remote controls, and rechargeable batteries for hearing aids
  • Providing follow-up appointments to determine the physical fit and acoustic performance of the hearing aids
  • Repairing hearing aids of all brands
  • Fitting hearing aid ear molds and tubing
  • Trouble shooting hearing aid problems
  • Providing patients with a variety of aural rehabilitation skills including the development of realistic expectations and compensatory strategies to enhance the effectiveness of their hearing aids
  • Making available Assisted Listening Devices (ALDs), including personal amplifiers, TVEars, amplified phones, alerting devices, sound machines and more